Holidays are here! The people of Procrastination Town are lazier than ever! With the help of your trusty cows, give this fair town a divine motivational push to get them going for the coming year!

Play as a spiritual being with influence over your followers by motivating them with your holy powers. Even as an all-powerful being, your power has limits, but not your cows! Have your cows pray to bolster your strength to battle the oncoming waves of laziness from the lethargic and slothful people of Procrastination Town. FYI, Procrastination Town is the general term for all the towns in the game that need your help as they were so lazy, they skipped naming their town (Maps are generated procedurally = INFINITE FUN)!

With your help, your followers can use their energy to complete tasks. By finishing tasks, they get a sense of achievement, no matter how small the steps. More sense of accomplishment = more happiness, just in time for the joyous holiday seasons!

Controls :

WASD to move the camera

Scroll to zoom

Left click to select

Right click to command your followers

Space / Talk button to talk with your followers (they are very chatty)


Pray For Motivation (Windows).zip 33 MB
Pray for Motivation (macOS) 43 MB

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